Retirement Cakes Ideas

People retire all the time from certain positions and it’s become somewhat of a tradition to have a cake presented to the retiree as a tribute. It can be a friend, a colleague at work or a family member. Having a cake made specially for the retiree will show him/her how much they are appreciated for the services rendered. The retiring individual is the centre of the celebration, but the cake will definitely be the centre of attention at the food corner.


Generally, cakes prepared for this type of occasion are simple, that is, if you don’t want to go bespoke. At retirement parties, what really counts is the honesty and sincerity of the words that come with the cake greetings. Normally, retirement cakes are easy to cut and distributed among the hosts and guests. And for this reason, cakes made for retirement parties should be large enough to go round the crowd. If it’s a small retirement, a round cake or a square cake that have two layers are quite popular.


Assuming you’re making the cake yourself, here’s how to decorate with Butter Cream:


  1. Make a large cake that will be enough to go round the party.
  2. Leave the cake to cool off, after which you use a thin layer of frosting to frost it.
  3. Then place the icing and set put all the crumbs of the cake.
  4. Make use of a thinned layer of butter cream to write a sincere message on top of the cake
  5. Use decorating flowers, candles and balloons to decorate the corners of the cake.
  6. You can decide to create patters, which will serve as borders around the cake by piping the butter cream frosting.


How to decorate with Fondant


Butter cream is more popular than Fondant. However, you can still use it to decorate an amazing retirement cake for your colleague, friend, or family member who’s retiring. Assuming you already bought ready-made fondant from a baking shop, all you have to do is use special designing tools to add colour to your fondant. Also, you can make use of a cookie cutter to form various shapes like plants, cars, stars, and animals and then have it placed on the cake to make it more interesting.


Making use of small templates to cut out letters is another good method of improving your fondant cake. You can decide to place them on the cake.  Beside the lettering, you can also use scissors, cookie cutter to cut out seasonal stuffs like snowflakes, autumn leaves and flower shapes.


Butter cream and Fondant are the most common because they are quite easy to decorate. You just have to be innovative and creative. You’d be surprised at what you’ll finally come up with. Never be afraid to try.


On the other hand, if you want a custom-made retirement cake that will perfectly represent the occasion, then it’s best to have specialist cake makers make a bespoke for you. You just have to share your ideas on how you want the cake to look and they will take it from there. For instance, if it’s a police retirement cake, you can have them place a topper in the form of a police cap, badge, etc. on top of the cake. Remember, people retire only once from a certain position in a lifetime, so give that retirement cake your best shot.

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