Jungle Cakes

Jungle cakes are certainly one of the ways of turning your little one’s birthday party into a fun experience. It doesn’t matter if your little one is turning four or nine, a jungle cake is a perfect fit for any child’s birthday party.

There are a lot of specialist cake makers that will be more than happy to pull together a jungle cake for your little one’s birthday party. You can have them make a chocolate jungle cake with cookies and cream fillings.

The animals on the jungle cake can be made of melting chocolate and then colored with candy colors. If you decide to make them yourself (that is, if you know how), this can really take a long time. However, with specialist cake makers, it will be easier and faster, as most of them may have made a cake along those lines in the past.

There are many ways you can have your jungle cake made. All you need do is share your ideas with the bakers and they will transform it into an amazing jungle cake. In most jungle cakes, the palm trees are made out of pretzel rods and construction paper, brown sugar is used as “sugar” and blue gel icing as “water”.

If you’re planning a jungle/zoo themed birthday party, you can use Zoo Pals plates and cutlery, as well as Zoo juice boxes. You can have animal themed boxes, so that every child will have a different animal box filled with goodies to take home.

The jungle cake can still be just a simple white cake with dyed green vanilla frosting and a blue decorating gel as water and crumbled digestive biscuits as dirt. You can use Pretzel sticks as fence with Fisher Price and Lego animals as decorations. This is absolutely an easy way to make the little ones smile without much effort.

Your options are really endless when it comes to jungle cakes. You can have an elephant, monkey and frog jungle cake where the elephant is decorated with rope licorice, and cookie crisp cereal used for the monkey ears. The makers can have the eyes of the frog made from mini marshmallows rolled in green sugar with a dot of black icing.

Little ones love having jungle cakes as their birthday party cakes. Just the sight of all those animals will certainly put smile on the face of any child. If you’ve never thought of a jungle cake for your little boy or girl, then it’s about time you do because he/she will definitely love it.

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