Children’s Birthday Cake Toppers

Birthday cake toppers is one of the simplest ways of making any birthday celebration stand out. And when it comes to your kid’s birthday, you’d nothing more than to make an exceptional occasion for your little one without spending so much. Cake toppers help you in creating just the perfect birthday party cake.


When it comes to children’s birthday cake toppers, fondant works just great. The texture is almost like that of Playdoh. You can have them made in any colour of your choice. You can still roll it out just like you would a bread dough and use cookie cutters to cut out various shapes. You can have them shaped into various things like animals, snowmen, flowers, tress, etc. according to what you think the celebrant would want. Below are some other ideas that will be great for creating a scene on sheet cakes for children’s birthday party toppers.


Astronaut Scene Cake – Use dark chocolate frosting to cover the top and have it topped off with astronauts, plastic rocket and a small USA flag.


Farm Scene Cake – Use brown sugar dirt and green grass to cover a sheet cake and then add some plastic farm animals like cows, pigs and ducks. You can then top it off with a farm truck loaded with “hay” (this can be frosting shreds).


Firefighter Scene Cake – Use a brown sugar roadway and greenery to cover a sheet cake. Then have it topped off with some trees, plastic red fire truck, a fire hydrant in addition with some plastic firefighters.


Snow Scene Cake – Use a white frosting to cover the cake and then top it off with some plastic shrubs, snowmobiles, trees, snow skiers, and deer.


Train Scene Cake – Use a toy train to cover a sheet cake and then top it off with shrubs, trees, mountains. You can include water as part of the scene. Don’t forget to add Happy Birthday (Name) and “All Aboard”.


Children’s birthday cake toppers are all about how creative you can get. If you need help with ideas, then you can start by thinking of those things that your child really enjoys and then have a cake topper created around one particular item. Some examples to get your creative juices flowing are; motorcycles, race cars, sailboats, airplanes, police cars, monster trucks, etc. for boys. If the celebrant is a girl, then some ideas are; mermaids, ballerina, Cinderella, Barbie, Tinkerbell, etc.


If your child enjoys beach, then he/she will sure love a beach themed cake, which you can top off with plastic ski boats, colourful fishes, palm trees, bench chairs, etc.


Remember, it’s your kid’s birthday. So make the best of it – and cakes toppers are just the right add-ons you need to complete the cake decoration.

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