Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are no more what they used to be. The days of traditional wedding cakes coated in white icing and maybe layered in marzipan are gone. There are huge varieties of cakes to choose from for today’s bride and groom.  Anything is just possible with modern wedding cakes -  from sponge cakes to mud cakes and even cupcake towers. If you’re planning a wedding or looking for 40th Wedding Anniversary Cakes Ideas and have a particular type of wedding cake in mind, wedding cakes specialists will be able to make your ideas a reality. The only thing you need to know is that with modern day cake designs, the sky is your limit! No matter the type of wedding cake designs you want, you name it, you got it – it’s as simple as that.

Choosing a wedding cake specialist shouldn’t be that difficult with a lot of information available on the internet. A lot of cake makers put their example works on their website, so, you can be able to check them out before placing an order. Or you can just ask couples who are recently married to know how they got their wedding cakes. You may want to do this research six months prior to the wedding date, so as to ensure you choose the right company for your wedding cake.

It's ideal to know the estimated number of guests for your wedding before arranging for a wedding cake. This is to ensure that nobody misses out on the slice. If you have this information, your wedding cake specialist should be able to determine the size of the cake. Another important aspect of the wedding cake is what it would taste and look like. This is undoubtedly the most enjoyed part of the cake ordering process. Some wedding cake bakers usually offer cake tasting sessions.

Some of the different types of wedding cakes include:

Sponge Cake: Most young couples of these days usually opt for this type of cake and it’s also well-known in today modern weddings. One drawback with this type of cake is that it’s somewhat difficult to stack if you prefer a cake with multiples and pillars.

Fruit Cake: This option is still very popular, particularly for its durability purposes. This cake-type can remain edible for months when stored properly. A lot of couples prefer fruit cakes because they would love to save some of it for their one-year wedding anniversary.

Other type of cakes include mud cakes, cheesecakes and cupcake stacks. Some couples even prefer multiple tiered cakes with different flavors.

There are different types of sizes and shapes of wedding cakes. Some can be made in the form of hearts or castles to ‘rhyme’ with a particular theme, while others can be made to match the dresses and flowers of the bride or bridesmaids.

Wedding cakes can be made up of several layers separated by multiple tiers stacked on top of one another. The most common shapes are squares and circles because they can be easily cut. Nevertheless, anything can go in the industry. So, the only thing that could be holding you back from having your dream is your imagination.

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