Birthday Girly Cakes

When it comes to girly cakes, there is a huge selection of birthday cakes to make your selection from. There are a lot of specialist cake makers that have many weird and wacky cakes that will certainly serve the intended purpose. Having so many choices to choose from can make it a little harder to select the best birthday cake for your little girl’s birthday party.

If you’re preparing for a girly birthday party for your little girl, the first thing to think about is the hobby of your little girl. Is she into horse riding or horses in general? If so, then you may need to have a horse related cake made. What of TV show or a specific cartoon? If she enjoys a particular TV show or a particular TV character, then you could have your girly cake made along those lines.

With that said, here are other girly cake ideas you can incorporate for your daughter’s birthday cake:

Disney Cakes

Girls are what inspired the Disney characters. Whilst boys prefer soldiers, guns and footballs, girls prefer Disney characters. Anything from an Aladdin cake to a Mickey Mouse cake. There will certainly be at least one Disney character that your little girl is familiar with and as a result having a girly cake themed along that particular will be a hit with your girl.

Princess Cakes

There is no girl that doesn’t like to be pampered. They enjoy being waited on and it’s certainly no fault of theirs. The reason for this must have stemmed from the dream of little girls of becoming adorable princesses. As a result of this, you can never go wrong with a princess girly cake for your little girl’s birthday party. You can even have specialist cake makers shape the girly cake like a fairytale castle.

Handbag Cakes

If you’re preparing for a birthday party for your daughter who is already a teenager, then maybe she may appreciate a girly cake shaped in the form of her favorite designer handbag. There are a lot of options here. You can even have the specialist cake maker create a cake in the form of a designer shoe.

That’s just about it on some of the girly cake ideas for your little girl. Regardless of what girly birthday cake designs you end up choosing, just make sure it’s what your daughter will really appreciate. Sometimes, you can even ask your daughter if she will prefer a girly cake along a particular line before going ahead to have the cake made.

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