Bespoke Baby Shower Cake Surrey

Choosing a Baby Shower Cake for Your Special Day


No special occasion would be complete without the inclusion of a cake and if the occasion is the celebration of a pregnancy, then a baby shower cake is certainly a necessity. Baby shower celebration is a moment of happiness and as such the cake should be able to represent your mood of happiness and pleasure. You need to take your time in selecting the best cake for the occasion as well as decorate it with utmost care and style. There are various types of baby shower cakes with different methods of decoration. This means you have to really take your time in researching the various options out there and subsequently decide on the best for you. However, this shouldn’t be difficult if you have the contacts of customised cake makers, as they can help you choose just the right type of cake for your baby shower.


Here are a few suggestions to help with your decision:


Toy Blocks baby shower cakes


Having a toy blocks cake as your baby shower cake is a great idea, as this can perfectly reflect the baby shower occasion. You can have customised cake makers produce a cake that will resemble toy blocks that kids normally play with. However, you’ll have to decide on whether you need several blocks or just one large block. It’s normally ideal for such type of cakes to be surrounded with a candles or small toy cars.


Belly Cake


Another good idea would be to have your baby shower cake made to resemble the bell of a pregnant woman. As the purpose of the occasion is to celebrate the pregnancy, this will match perfectly with the intended purpose. It’s not that difficult to make a belly cake. All that is needed is just to make a rectangular and circular cake and then have the circular cake poisoned in front of the rectangular cake. After which, it’s then frosted to give the appearance of the belly of a pregnant woman.


Autograph baby shower cake


Autograph cake is an amazing way to make your baby shower party a memorable one. Having an autograph cake made simply means you’ll need to write “congratulations” on the cake and then create space for your guests to use icing to sign their names on the cake. As soon as every guest who is willing to sign their names have done so, you can take a photograph of the cake and save as a keepsake. This is one way of making your baby shower party a memorable one.


Theme Cake


If you’re having a theme based baby shower, then it’s only normal for your baby shower cake to follow the same pattern. You can instruct bespoke cake makers to have the cake designed with the features of the event’s theme. You can make use of a comic character like Tom and Jerry to design the cake if it matches with the theme of the occasion or any other character that has the event’s characteristics.

These are just a few suggestions on how personal you can get with your baby shower cake. You should remember that baby shower cakes are one of the most important element of the celebration, so you should take care in choosing a cake maker that will deliver just the right bespoke cake for you.

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