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Bespoke Cakes By Boutique Cakery

Cakes are getting personal these days and rightly so, as every occasion would need a cake tailor-made to suit the event. The hottest cakes today follow the bespoke tradition of being custom-made to fit the celebrant or celebrants of the occasion. Personal monograms or logos are on top of the list of what to be included in the decoration of bespoke cakes. In wedding cakes for example, the cake can be decorated to reflect a favourite china pattern or the design on the dress of the bride.

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The addition of colour into the design of the cake and the flavor in the cake itself is one of the biggest shifts in the tradition of cake making. Bespoke cakes can be designed to rhyme with the colour of the event. For wedding bespoke cakes, the use of fondant as frosting is fairly common because of its ability to be kneaded with radiant colours. In addition, it has a smooth texture, which is excellent for moulded three-dimension decorations, airbrush designs and just about any other thing the wedding couple can imagine.

Crooked or unusually shaped cakes with a combination of circles and squares have become more commonplace these days. Even once a childhood favourite, cupcakes are seeing its heyday. Cupcakes are a fun way to have a wide range of colours for your celebration. The cupcakes can be arranged to look like a multi-tiered layer cake. One good thing about bespoke cakes is that they are a good way to reflect your personality.

Let your imagination run amok when you want to decide what your cake will look like. Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, a 30th anniversary, bespoke cakes are a good way to make the occasion more personal. Birthday celebrants or wedding couples of today can get the confection of their fantasies by selecting brightly coloured cakes with whimsical or smooth fondant designs, which reflect their individual style, as well as the theme of the event.

There is no one that doesn’t like to have a blast on their birthday, wedding day or whatever the occasion is. This is even more fun when you have your friends and family celebrate with you alongside an amazing cake specially made for the event. If everything is going to plan, then before you know it, you’ll see yourself cutting the cake and every other person in the room clapping their hands.

Cakes are focal points in most events, especially on birthdays and nothing can be as amazing as having a cake tailor-made to suit your style and the theme of the occasion. Bespoke cakes can come in different sizes, shapes, colours and styles. Even though sometimes, most people would prefer to buy ready-made cakes, but nothing beats a cake specially made for the occasion.

Whether you’re looking for just a box of hand-decorated birthday cakes or a multi-tiered wedding cakes, bespoke cakes are the way to go. Let everyone know how much the celebration or occasion mean to you by having your cake tailor-made for you.

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